AaronWagner7000: Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Technical Writer

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You’ve found one of the best writers on the internet!
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email: aaronwagner7000@gmail.com
phone: (941) 544-5251

I’ll Show You How to Make Your Customers Love You.
The business with the most friends wins. I’ll help you turn customers into loyal friends who ignore your competitors’ attempts to steal them from you. How do I do it? By helping your company be a good friend first, through valuable content and social media engagement.

I’ll create well-researched content about your products, services or industry that your customers will appreciate. This includes valuable articles, useful or fun blog posts, and social media content that provides helpful tips, dispels myths, or teaches little-known truths about your products or industry. In a nutshell, any content that will make your current and potential customers value your company should be considered!

I’ll help you be effective in social media by engaging with current or potential customers. People love doing business with people, and I’ll help your business maintain a friendly, helpful, human element. I’ll also keep my eyes on social-media conversations regarding your industry, products and services.

 (941) 544-5251

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