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How PEOs can gain a competitive edge in the era of transparency and relationships

Part 1:
(For PEOs employing HR Consultants) 

Things aren’t what they were a few years ago. The days of cold, faceless, guarded companies are long gone.

Like all other consumers, PEO clients expect transparency and open communications. They want to really know the people serving them, and to develop constructive, authentic relationships with them.


Yes, clients have seen your marketing and your claims to having top-notch people, but they aren’t really satisfied or moved by that any more. They want to know your people — not just your marketing. They want to see the real personality of your company, not just the polished taglines and slick stock-photography that’s displayed on your corporate website. 

If your PEO employs HR Consultants that provide personalized services to your clients, are you leveraging them to give your company an iron-clad competitive edge?

Most PEOs don’t recognize it, but HR Consultants can give their PEO a competitive edge by turning clients into loyal fans through social media.

The more ways a PEO’s clients can communicate with their HR Consultants, the more their need for authentic, constructive relationships will be fulfilled. And the more ways a PEO’s clients can see the real personalities of their HR Consultants, the more their need for transparency will be fulfilled. Social media will enable HR Consultants to achieve both these things.

In your clients’ point of view, your HR Consultants are the face and personality of your PEO. As long as your Consultants are building strong bonds and beneficial relationships with your clients, the following things can safely be guaranteed:

1. Your clients won’t leave your PEO in favor of a competitor.

2. Your clients will be willing to pay a little extra for your PEO’s services.
3. Your clients will rave about your PEO when other prospects ask them if they’re satisfied with you.

Do your HR Consultants have active Facebook accounts that reflect a fun, vibrant personality (to fulfill the client’s need for transparency)? Do they engage in blogging, Twitter, and other forms of two-way communication (to nurture the relationships they have with clients)? Venues like these help your people communicate and solves client problems. They help build trust, maintain high satisfaction levels, reduce buyer’s remorse, and turn clients into loyal fans of your PEO.


Is your business as savvy as the Vatican?

According to an article in MediaPostNews,

No one can say the Vatican is out of touch when it comes to social media. Following up its YouTube channel and H20news iPhone app, the Holy See has launched Pope2You, an iPhone application that lets users to view pictures of Pope Benedict XVI, send virtual postcards of the pontiff to friends, and read his speeches and messages.

Facebook Scam Alert

Mashable just alerted the social-media public about a Facebook scam that you’ll want to avoid. If you’ve recently received Facebook mails with links to “.be” sites, delete them immediately. They’re phishing attacks.

I recieved one this morning, and here’s what it looks like. 
(If it’s hard to see, click it to enlarge it a tiny bit.) 

facebook scam