Is your business as savvy as Bob Evans Restaurants?

Bob EvansAnyone who’s still not convinced that businesses should take social media seriously should look at what it’s doing for Bob Evans Restaurants.

According to a recent Chain Leader article, the restaurant chain is successfully using social media to create opportunities they’ve never had before. In the article, Stephanie Busack — the digital marketing manager for Bob Evans — reveals what they’re able to do.

• Bob Evans is listening to conversations their customers are having about their food and service. This means that through social media, they’re promoting their brand while better understanding what their customers expect from them.

• Besides listening, they’re using social media to have two-way conversations with their customers.

• They’re also using social media to enable customers to interact with their brand. For example, they use seasonal microsites that include games and sweepstakes such as (Take a look. I bet you’ll be surprised!) According to Stephanie Busack, “These games draw in a large audience, most coming back an average of seven to eight times during the promotion to play or register and interact  with our brand.”

Stephanie Busack

Stephanie Busack, digital marketing manager, Bob Evans Restaurants

If your business isn’t doing anything with social media, the time to start is right now. With so many brands using it to develop dynamic relationships with customers, businesses that aren’t using social media are simply off their customers’ radar screens. The out-of-sight, out-of-mind saying is very pertinent in today’s environment. To be a relevant, viable brand, you must engage and listen to your customers every chance you get.


One thought on “Is your business as savvy as Bob Evans Restaurants?

  1. John

    If you are a conventional business like Hotel or Restaurant or Spa etc, most of your customers are at your place of business rather than online.

    So, trying to push your customers to go online to signup for your email newsletter, or follow your business on twitter, or become a fan of your business on facebook etc, though needed, will not yield the response rates you are looking for.

    So, why not tap into the customer while they are at your place of business? We at Sterizon do exactly that. We offer businesses a WiFi handheld Sterizon wiZit device(s) which are given to customers during checkout or while they are waiting for service etc to signup for email,twitter or facebook etc. Customer enters their information directly into the handheld, and they are immediately subscribed to your online marketing services. Think of it like “web on wheels”. You bring all the web forms right to the customers doorstep. It does significantly increase response rates.


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