Sorry, Bruce. Twitter is far from useless.

walletPopWalletPop  posted an article earlier today titled T-shirts and food trucks: Has Twitter found relevance?

It was written by Bruce Watson, who doesn’t seem convinced that Twitter will be around for the long haul. In the article, he said:

Unfortunately, however, for all its hypnotic appeal, the site still seems to lack the kind of purpose that would ensure its future funding and lasting relevance. Unless it finds a way to fill a lasting need, Twitter could all too easily be relegated to the rubbish-bin of pop history — another useless fad, here for a season and then gone without a trace.

I’d never try to predict Twitter’s lifespan on a historical timeline, but I can say with certainty that “useless” isn’t a word that accurately describes Twitter. To find evidence of its usefulness, we can look to a press release that was published today highlighting a MarketingProfs survey.

According to the MarketingProfs survey, Twitter users say that it ranks second only to blogs as the No. 1 social media business tool. 


The press release also mentioned MarketingProfs’ 32-page report describing 11 businesses that are using Twitter to achieve business objectives.

It states:

• Disney leveraged one of the industry’s first Twitter sponsorships to promote its 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition “Pinocchio” Blu-Ray and DVD launch

• Souplantation, a salad buffet restaurant, is using the micro-blogging service to drive in-store traffic through promotions, contests and “quick engagements”

• The Coffee Groundz, a Houston-area coffee shop, built a vibrant customer community and increased sales by almost a third

I don’t know that Twitter will last forever. 

But describing Twitter as being a “useless” fad?

I don’t think so.


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