How PEOs can gain a competitive edge in the era of transparency and relationships (Part 2)

Part 2:
(For all PEOs) 

trinet on facebook

My last post focused on how HR Consultants can give their PEO a competitive edge by turning clients into loyal fans through social media. But even if your PEO doesn’t employ fulltime HR Consultants, there’s plenty you can do to connect with your clients and form deeper relationships with them.

Stop sitting on the blogging fence.
Are you a PEO exec who’s resisting the blogging suggestion that everyone in your marketing department keeps bringing up? Yes, it takes time and effort to maintain a blog, but think of the benefits. Blogging promotes two-way conversations between you and your clients, and even helps give your PEO more of a personality (if done right).

What would your PEO blog about? Your clients would certainly be interested in reading timely updates about new HR laws and compliance issues, how-to’s about employment best practices, and a jillion other HR-related things. If it’s valuable information your clients would thank you for, and if it would help position you as an indispensible resource that clients couldn’t get with your competitors, it’s fair game. (You could also use your blog to show prospects that you’re a thought leader in the industry. It just might help your Business Development Managers close a few more deals.)

Join the rest of the world and TWEET already!
PEO’s that resist Twitter are simply out of sight and out of mind. If you’re not tweeting, your clients who have Twitter accounts may be looking at other PEOs’ Twitter accounts. (Including Trinet’s.) The last thing you want is for your clients to think your competitors are more in-touch with clients than you are.

What would you tweet about? Links to HR news and notifications about new laws are a good start. But you’ll also want to use Twitter to keep the lines of communication open to client questions that arise or business challenges they want you to solve. Remember: social media should also be used as a listening tool.

Facebook: Resistance is futile.
Does your PEO still not have a Facebook “Page?” This is different from a typical Facebook profile. A Facebook Page enables businesses to share their products and services with the world. Users of a particular brand or business view the company’s Page and become fans. (Here’s Trinet’s page. It could use some work, but just having a presence on Facebook gives them an advantage over PEOs with no web presence.)   

As an exec at a PEO, ask yourself:

“What am I waiting for?”

Then, stop waiting. Blog, tweet, and get on Facebook.



2 thoughts on “How PEOs can gain a competitive edge in the era of transparency and relationships (Part 2)

  1. Non PEO Guy

    I know you once worked in Gevity’s marketing dept., Aaron. Are these posts of yours an attempt to get on Trinet’s good side?

  2. aaronwagner7000 Post author

    LOL. No.
    Well, maybe. LOL.

    Actually, I just write according to my knowledge, current interests and past experiences. I have a hunch that I’d have to move to Cali if I were ever to work for the big T. And I’m not willing to make such a move at this point. (Or at any point, most likely!)

    Are you one of the famous message-board contributors?


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