Your brand is your PEOPLE.

Zappos EmployeesI’m breaking my BlogFast by writing about an important conclusion I’ve recently come to.

Marketing should be an all – encompassing, holistic,  integrated experience.

I firmly believe (and I know I’m not the only one) that a company’s marketing must be infused with its very culture — the people who work there, the pictures hanging on its walls, the dress code, the furniture, the break rooms, the outings and get-togethers, the management styles, the work ethic, the exterior of the building, the city and state it’s in, EVERYTHING.

Today, a business’ brand isn’t only about its products and services, and it’s certainly not about logos and taglines. It’s really about its people and culture.

People want to do business with companies that show the world that their employees are likable, real, fun, hardworking people. And consumers want to see the factory floor, the board room, the cubicles with the pictures of their kids, the video clips of the company talent show, the meetings at Starbucks, the senses of humor, the senses of urgency — etc.

People want to do business with companies who possess vibrant personalities. Just ask Zappos. Just ask Total Attorneys.

Therefore, businesses need to hire skilled, likable, personality-filled people if they’ll have a brand consumers love. And the hiring process, while still being handled by HR, should also include thoughts from the marketing department.

Much more to follow in my upcoming posts…


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