Content problems are EVERYWHERE. But Even At

Yes, even needs to dig a bit deeper and proof their content better. (And even if they’re just re-using copy from outside brands such as L’ Oreal, shame on them for not polishing up the content before displaying it on their site!)

Go to If you look at their home page today (March 30, 2010,) you’ll see a big ad for “Beauty Value Week” that offers “Hundreds of Amazing Offers.” When you click it, you’ll find lots of sales on beauty products. So far, so good.

But when you click the individual products, you’ll see a load of thoughtless crap. First of all, there are things shown that the reader should not see. Like the explanations of the type of copy that’s being displayed, i.e., “romance_copy_1: “,  “romance_copy_2: “, “why_buy_1:”, and “why_buy_2:”.

Second of all, did the creative manager even READ the copy?? Another product is described as follows:

Roc Has Been A Leading French Skincare Brand For Over 50 Years, Devoted To Developing Anti-Aging Products That Guarantee Visible And Lasting Results For Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin, Strong Partnerships With Dermatologists Have Contributed To Our Expertise In Understanding Skincare And Developing Clinically Proven Products, Which Are Highly Effective, Yet Suitable For All Skin Types.

WOW. This is a 54-WORD SENTENCE. 54 words! Plus, it capitalizes every word for some inexplicable reason. And the “sentence” isn’t even grammatically correct. Are they using interns at Wal Mart? Or maybe high-schoolers?

We could continue critiquing this garbage for a few more hours, but I think my work here is done for today.


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