Three Reasons Why Starbucks’ Komodo Dragon Ad Rocks

I’ll admit it: I LOVE Starbucks Coffee. But I don’t always love their advertising. So whenever I DO see a Starbucks ad I like, I try to shout it from the rooftops.


If you visit today (April 1, 2010,) you’ll see a nice flash advertisement with cool, catchy music. It’s advertising Starbucks’ bold coffee blends, and I think it’s great. Why?

1. Good, short, quick and snappy copy.
You’d think it would be common sense for all copywriters that you should always OMIT NEEDLESS WORDS (as Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style” suggested so many years ago.) But omitting needless words in advertising is often very hard to come by, unfortunately (and surprisingly!)

Starbuck’s is a fortunate exception. Their copy in this ad includes simple, strong and inspiring statements such as:

* Be bold.
* Assert yourself.
* Step up to the plate.
* Take a flying leap.




2. Associating its bold coffee with  the bold attitude of coffee drinkers
What this great flash ad really implies is, “Our bold coffee is ‘Assertive. Snappy. Spicy.’ And so are you! So you and our bold coffees go hand in hand!”



3. Ends with a great call to action
Again, this is something that should be a no-brainer. But GOOD calls to action are getting more and more hard to come by. I love this ad’s CTA, however. It’s simple and it’s the logical thing to do after a coffee lover sees this ad:

“Explore all our bold coffees.”

Note that it doesn’t tell us to just “try” their coffees. We’re told to “explore” them! And we’re not supposed to only explore the Komodo Dragon blend. We’re told to try ALL their bold blends.

Good stuff, baby. Good stuff.



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