Now, more than ever, YOUR CONTENT BETTER NOT SUCK.

Are you marketing to younger consumers? A new whitepaper from Advertising Age aims to “bust common perceptions about the On-Demand Generation.”

In an article published today, reveals a very important take-away from the whitepaper.

FREE IS GOOD, BUT WE’LL PAY IF NECESSARY. [Younger consumers] are used to getting content for free, à la You Tube and Hulu, but they also understand that there can be a price to pay for highly desirable content — that price being watching advertising, or even paying a small fee on a case-by-case basis (à la iTunes).

The findings also reveal that, “To them, the value of content online can be just as worth a price tag as cable or network TV shows and they’re also — surprisingly — not averse to advertising. But it better be good advertising, and it better not take more than a nanosecond to load.”

Attention copywriters:

You must omit trite, corporate marketing-speak if you want to influence today’s younger consumers. The young generation (even more so than other generations) has no tolerance for advertising that wastes their time with clichés or B.S. It’s bad enough for a young consumer to tolerate an ad that they can’t get rid of (via TiVo, for example).

They WILL tolerate it if it’s decent advertising. But if they’re subjected to sloppy messaging they’ve heard before from a jillion other brands, your ads will just do more harm for yourself than good.


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