Even when the copy is good, images matter.

So have you seen the Warburtons Bread commercial showing their factory workers crying and mourning over a burnt loaf of bread?


The commercial is well directed and funny, but Warburtons needs to be careful about associating itself with burnt bread (since it is a bread company.)


They did this once before years and years ago with a funny commercial showing women being taught how to bake bread. Many loaves didn’t turn out right at all and one was burnt. (The girl whose bread wound up being perfect received some pointers from a boy that she really, REALLY liked. See the video to catch the innuendos.)

Warburtons commercials are generally good ones, but they’re running a small risk of some people associating their products with burnt bread.

But I’ll give them this: Their copy (“We Care Because Our Name’s On It”) is good. I’d just like to remind them that images matter.


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