Gears of War 3 Trailer: Awesome copy might offend some lady gamers

The Gears of War 3 trailer (created by Agency TwoFifteen) is about as cool as a video game ad could be. Guns and monsters, baby.

I love the copy: “Brothers to the end.” It really reflects the depth and drama of the Gears of War situation.

The game (to be released April 2011) also  includes something its players haven’t seen in its previous releases: Female soldiers!

So it will most likely (and unfortunately) offend some ladies out there who like blowing things up on their flat screen. You know who you are, ladies: The ones who say “Hey! I can carry around 100-pound guns and slaughter big ugly beasts just as well as any MAN can. So what do you mean BROTHERS to the end??”

But I think Brothers To The End is the perfect copy for this trailer. Anything else (could you imagine “Brothers and Sisters To The End?”) would just fall WAY short. And I don’t think Agency TwoFifteen is too concerned about the tiny percentage of female GOW players who will be offended (compared to the vast majority of female players who won’t be).————————

Yes, you need to be VERY careful to not offend the audience you’re marketing to. But in certain instances (like this one,) you just have to do what feels right. In this case, since the GOW game is so grungy and war-like and blow-uppy and savage, it’s really not very appropriate to fret over making sure each element in its marketing is gender neutral.

GREAT JOB, Agency TwoFifteen!


2 thoughts on “Gears of War 3 Trailer: Awesome copy might offend some lady gamers

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