Dramatic snowmen to advertise DISHSOAP??

Although Magistral’s new commercial is well directed, it’s way too dramatic to advertise dish soap. The sad story and music are obviously meant to be humorous. But I think Magistral would sell WAY more of its product if it A.) used a more upbeat tone, B.) explained its benefits better, and C.) used PEOPLE instead of snowmen.

The copy (“Now you can wash up in cold water”) is good. But it should have been used in a happier commercial that gave at least one real-life example of why washing up in cold water can benefit us. Maybe a commercial featuring a family on a camping trip or something. How does creating a snowman love-tragedy help us see that our real-life dishwashing would be easier or better if we buy this soap?

Too many marketers use animated characters just for the sake of using animated characters. Humor for the sake of humor is also rampant.  If humor actually works and will most likely sell more of the product you’re marketing, fine. Use it. Just don’t neglect showing the real-life BENEFITS.


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