The Earth NEEDS Brita? Let’s not get too carried away.

The latest Brita commercial (running in Canada) has a lot of potential. Its premise is that Brita helps us be environmentally responsible by using fewer plastic bottles.

The upside:

Strong images that clearly make a point. In this commercial, we see gillions of plastic bottles taking over the scenery. So right away, we’re thinking about landfills and waste. So far, so good.

Appropriate music. The audio sets the right tone for the commercial’s message. It’s pithy and deep.

Asks a question that makes people think. The copy reads: “Ever thought about how many plastic water bottles Canadians bought last year?” That’s good copy.

Where they went wrong:

An over-the-top claim that many people just won’t buy. The statement at the end of this commercial is where the whole thing falls apart:

“The Earth needs Brita.”

Yes, it’s bold and dramatic copy. Yes, it’s short and sweet. The problem is that many people will find it a huge stretch to say that an entire PLANET actually “needs” a particular brand of water filter. When you think about it, it’s pretty ridiculous to suggest that the Earth needs ANY single man-made product or brand for its wellbeing or survival.

Bold copy that makes a big statement is normally useful. It’s what copywriters should aim for. But I have a hunch that this Earth-needs-Brita statement won’t have the emotional effect or sense of urgency they’re after. It’s just not believable.


2 thoughts on “The Earth NEEDS Brita? Let’s not get too carried away.

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