SunChips commercial is more credible than Brita’s

In my last post, I suggested that the copy in Brita’s commercial (“The Earth Needs Brita”) will most likely come across as too much of a stretch to its audience. But this SunChips commercial got it right. And it was created by a consumer rather than a marketer (which gives it much more credibility.)

The commercial is advertising SunChips’ new compostable bag. The narrator tells a story about how she and her roommate threw the bag into their compost pile instead of the trash. Then, their whole apartment building started using the compost pile, too.

Where this commercial gets it right is that rather than making a big, unbelievable claim (like Brita did,) the narrator ends with “Little steps make a big difference.” Note that she didn’t say something over-the-top, like “The Earth needs SunChips.” Brita’s copy was big and bold, but Sunchips’ copy is believable.

SunChips also got it right because it’s striving to build a community of advocates around its brand. The commercial wasn’t created by an agency, but by a consumer (a brand advocate) who’s telling a story. And the story is about other consumers who are inspired to take positive action because of SunChips’ new bag.


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