Simple copy with a giant blanket for AT&T’s re-branding campaign

This AT&T spot is, in general, a good commercial. There’s an effective approach employed here.

It uses a simple and bold six-word line of copy —“AT&T covers 97% of all Americans” — with dramatic visuals of a giant blanket that seems to be engulfing the planet (or at least the whole U.S.) Short, simple copy is the best approach whenever possible. As a general rule, less is more. (Unless the product is so complex that it needs a substantial amount of explanation.)

I think this will be effective. It’s not so cluttered that the viewer will walk away saying “Cool commercial. Now, what was it advertising again?”

A potential concern is that the statistic seems just a little vague, or a bit “spun.” Some people may falsely assume this means that 97% of Americans use AT&T plans. But, if AT&T’s legal department isn’t worried about using the stat, it must be safe.


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