Land Rover’s new commercial is funny, but misses the mark

Land Rover’s crazy-sword-guy commercial has two positive things going for it: It’s definitely funny, and it’s definitely original. But funny and original won’t necessarily sell a product.

I see two potential weaknesses with this commercial.

1. Its main selling point is that it will keep you safe. However, they portrayed the product’s safety by using a totally unrealistic example. Rather than showing a family that has survived an accident, or reasons why it’s safer than other vehicles, it showed an office worker hiding in it from a crazy sword collector. Could you imagine a Land Rover salesman painting such a picture for a customer in the car lot?

2. It takes way too long to introduce what the product even is. We don’t find out till the very end that it’s A) a commercial about a vehicle, and B) about a Land Rover specifically. The problem this creates is that people will probably laugh at the commercial (as I did; it’s funny!), but have no recollection of what this funny commercial was advertising. Which won’t create many sales.


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