Want to sell tools? Use them to make music!

This is pretty cool. Craftsman’s “Music Experiment” video was created entirely from the sounds of Craftsman tools. No Slogans or taglines. No copy. Just the metallic and electric rhythm of tools.

The good things about this video are:

1.) It shows Craftsmen tools and the Craftsman logo (3 or 4 times) throughout the video, and not just at the very end.

2.) It will make people think of a catchy, industrial beat when they see Craftsman tools. It’s a cool beat that may inspire consumers to want to work harder with their tools, and to use quality Craftsman tools that will enable them to work harder.

A small criticism

The one criticism I have is that it would have been even more effective if all the tools in this video were being used as they’re intended to be used. But then again, the beat may not have been as cool if that were the case!


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