Monthly Archives: June 2010

Starbucks’ VIA commercial will be successful.

This one is from BBDO/NY. Not personally my favorite Starbucks commercial in the world, but it will probably sell a lot of Via. (If you’re not a Starbucks fan, Via is their instant coffee. It’s actually very good.)

This isn’t my favorite commercial because it doesn’t have that sophisticated “high-end” feel that many Starbucks lovers enjoy about the brand. But this one’s obviously not aimed at sophisticates.

In this spot, a hurried mom steps up to the plate with Starbucks Via when her forgetful husband failed to make the morning coffee. She then takes some Via packets to work with her and saves the day for many of her friends at the office. (For example, saving her friend from nasty office coffee! LOL.)

The downside:

The script is a bit copy-heavy. I.e., a little too crowded with words. Maybe just a little too much info to take in during the first watching.

The upside:

This commercial does a pretty good job of communicating Via’s main benefit: convenience. The hurried mom has no coffee made for her before work, so she just grabs a Via and goes. She then quickly and conveniently spreads the Via gospel at her workplace and uses the product to brighten up an otherwise mundane Monday morning. (And if a product can do that, it’s golden!)