Fruit Of The Loom: Funny Commercial, But Are They Better Than Haines?

To break my “blog-fast,” I’ll focus on Fruit Of The Loom’s most recent spot.


This is a funny commercial. But, like zillions of other funny commercials, it has the downside of not giving any practical reasons why their brand is different or better than other brands. When I’m buying underwear, I usually go for what package has the most pairs at the best price. I don’t specifically look for either Fruit Of The Loom or Haines, or whoever. And I’m pretty sure that 90% of men would say the same.

But if Fruit Of The Loom somehow snuck a differentiator within this funny commercial, I may specifically choose them over Haines the next time I’m buying underwear. You know; just to see what all the fuss is about!

Ultimately, I predict that although this spot does a good job of reinforcing Fruit Of The Loom’s brand, it will most likely do nothing to sell more of its product.


The copywriters behind this commercial really created some funny and well-written lyrics for the song! Lol.


4 thoughts on “Fruit Of The Loom: Funny Commercial, But Are They Better Than Haines?

  1. George Huntington

    I have seen your new commercials and find them far from the type that would lure me int buying your products,I have pruchased Friut of the loom items for many years and feel I am to old to appreciate the younger people you are trying to get to buy your Clothes!I turn them off whenever they come on TV!
    That’s O.K. I turn off the geico Commercials too!

  2. just_a_guy

    I think the FOTL guys make a pretty decent and amusing statement. If it’s brand recognition they want, they’ve got it in spades.

    I always keep the volume up when this commercial comes on, as I want to hear the music and – funny as it sounds – I like to see what the bass player is playing.

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