I don’t care if my digestive system loves me. I just want to feel good.

Cute commercial. Too bad it doesn’t give me any reason to buy the product.

The product is a probiotic drink called Yakult. And the only “benefit” I see from this commercial is that drinking Yakult shows my digestive system how much I love it. In return, my digestive system loves me back, according to the voiceover.

Not much of a benefit. If this commercial told me that the product will relieve digestive discomfort or give me energy or make me invincible, then maybe I’d be interested in picking some up next time I’m at the store.

Plus, how is Yakult any better than its competitors? Such as Activia? Good advertising always differentiates itself from the competition. Ads should tell the audience why we should skip brands A, B, C and D, and buy brand X instead.

But telling me that my digestive system will love me if I drink this product? This just sounds like cute and typical marketing speak. It gives me no incentive to spend money.

The marketers behind this commercial should have realized that digestive health is boring to most people. (And animating a cute, furry digestive system in a commercial doesn’t make the topic any less boring.) What people are more apt to get excited about is feeling better. This commercial should have explained how Yakult will make us feel good — or be better off in any way.


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