Monthly Archives: September 2010

An annoying garbage bag commercial that will succeed

Is this commercial for Hefty entertaining? Not for most people. Is it funny? Nope. Does it employ any clever wordplay or catchy phrases or cool theme music? No, no and no.

But will it sell the product?


This commercial points out a problem that most Americans face: Garbage that smells up the whole kitchen (or even the whole house.) It then tells us what the solution is: Hefty Bags with Odor Block technology.

True; most people, if asked, would say this commercial is annoying. But thousands of those same people will choose this product when they see it on the shelf. They’ll remember those animated garbage bags eating and trapping everything that smells bad. They’ll also think of that memorable (albeit annoying) voice over screaming “stinky!” and “Hefty!” And the shoppers with REALLY good memories will remember that the commercial mentioned Hefty’s Odor Block technology.

If you want to be cute or funny or entertaining, create commercials with cute mascots (like the last one I blogged about.) If you want to sell products, present a problem and the solution to that problem.

FINAL NOTE: It’s pretty noteworthy that this 15-second spot will do more to sell its product that most 30-second commercials!