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BMW “Christmas” Cards VS Mercedes “Holiday” Cards

It’s sometimes fun to keep track of which companies opt to play it safe by using the politically correct “holiday” verbiage in their marketing, and which ones show brazen fearlessness by using the word “Christmas.” This year, I couldn’t help but to compare BMW with Mercedes-Benz.

What do you think? Which strategy impresses you more?


Starbucks Holiday Advertising Win

I love this spot because of the feelings it conveys, the excellent concept, and the simplicity. Here are what I view to be its upsides:

1. It lets you picture your favorite flavor.
This spot shows only the Starbucks CUPS, except for the first one, which is filled with Peppermint Mocha. So although this specifically advertises Peppermint Mocha, the watcher is free to imagine what’s inside the rest of the cups. The brew in the others is whatever you want it to be. I picture one of the cups being filled with a Venti Blackeye and plenty of cream. It’s calling to me.

2. The singing characters convey a sense of (profitable) nostalgia.
This kind of nostalgia (the holiday kind) appeals to a very broad demographic. You know what I mean: the caroling, the roller skates, the nutcracker, the snowman who has come to life, etc. So the cuteness and wide-reaching holiday cheer also serve a savvy, profitable purpose. Admit it: Don’t these little cup people kind of make you want to grab a Starbucks right now?

3. The sense of cause-and-affect.
It’s interesting how this video seems to produce the feeling that when you go get a Starbucks, you’re passing your joy and good mood on to others.

4. Those who don’t like coffee can appreciate this video, too.
For example, I’ll bet Starbucks’ hot chocolate sales are going through the roof right now because of the scads of children who are begging their parents to take them to the place with the singing cups. (I just hope these children are briefed BEFOREHAND that Starbucks cups won’t really sing.)