Things Brands Are Currently Doing Right (And Wrong) – 1/19/12

Hershey is engaging with Facebook fans by sticking to three key pillars: awareness, content, and agility.
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BLURB: Filling up your Facebook wall with nothing but announcements about the company’s next big initiative—even a contest—isn’t the way to go, Lingeris says. Every once and a while, fans simply want you to open up the floor and ask, “What do you like?”


7 Ways to Use Social Media for Instant Feedback
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[Infographic] How To Use Contra-Competitive Timing for More ReTweets, Likes, Comments and Clicks
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6 Tips for Handling Breaking Crises on Twitter
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BLURB: “If the past year has taught us anything about reputation management in the social age, it’s that the past year has not taught us anything. Time and time again in 2011, the same missteps and misunderstandings lead to the same predictably painful reputational outcomes for individuals, brands and organizations.”


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