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“Social Marketing” Means Nothing If You’re Not Very Social

I wish more brands would treat audiences like real “friends.” This should be common knowledge by now, but unfortunately, it is not.

* Admit it when you’re wrong or if you’ve made a mistake. (KitchenAid does this correctly.)

* It’s sometimes ok to take a stand on a controversial issue.

* When someone mentions you in a tweet, RESPOND to it! Otherwise, it looks like you feel you’re above your audience.

* Stop saying “We’re sorry to hear about this problem you had with our product.” Just SHOW customers you are sorry by rectifying the problem.

* You know (or should be trying to get to know) who your loyal customers are. Take a second to wish them a happy anniversary, or congratulate them on whatever else they may be tweeting about. (Maybe even a note of sympathy when appropriate.)


KitchenAid Handles Social Media Accidents Very Well

I agree with Gini Dietrich at SpinSucks:

Americans love to build people (and organizations) up so we can tear them down and build them back up. We love a good underdog story. Heck, human beings love to watch a good train wreck. It’s why traffic gets so messed up when there is an accident on the other side of the freeway.

But the lesson here is in how KitchenAid handled it. They did everything exactly right. They didn’t try to brush it under the carpet. They didn’t ignore it. They didn’t fire the person who made the mistake (cough, Chrysler, cough). They handled it. On Twitter and as soon as it happened.