“Social Marketing” Means Nothing If You’re Not Very Social

I wish more brands would treat audiences like real “friends.” This should be common knowledge by now, but unfortunately, it is not.

* Admit it when you’re wrong or if you’ve made a mistake. (KitchenAid does this correctly.)

* It’s sometimes ok to take a stand on a controversial issue.

* When someone mentions you in a tweet, RESPOND to it! Otherwise, it looks like you feel you’re above your audience.

* Stop saying “We’re sorry to hear about this problem you had with our product.” Just SHOW customers you are sorry by rectifying the problem.

* You know (or should be trying to get to know) who your loyal customers are. Take a second to wish them a happy anniversary, or congratulate them on whatever else they may be tweeting about. (Maybe even a note of sympathy when appropriate.)


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