Stop Expecting the Pope to be Progressive.

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Today, the Pope disappointed millions of people who are under the delusion that he is “progressive.” He made it clear that the Church will never accept gay unions.

One cannot be mad at him for following Catholic doctrine. What we should be angry about is his choice to be a Catholic rather than a humanist.

Many Christians, including the Pope, are attempting to run PR campaigns of peace and love and acceptance for all human beings. But what invariably happens during such campaigns is that they suddenly recover from their lapses of memory, and say, “Oh, yeah… what was I thinking? The Bible doesn’t allow me to stand for equality for gay people.”

I have never understood why many gay people and “progressive” Christians try using the Bible to propagate a message of love and acceptance. You cannot simultaneously believe in the Bible and equality for gay people. So why do so many religious people try to believe in these mutually exclusive concepts? (Biblical ideology vs. acceptance for all human beings?)

The Bible is in no way a book of “love” or “equality,” and the Gods of the Bible and the Quran are in no way Gods of “love.” Sure, there are occasional verses in the Bible about the “love of God,” like John 3:16 and 1 John 4:8, but those are the exception to the Rule. The rule is that the biblical God is a God of holiness, judgment, wrath, hate, power, omniscience, vengeance, eternal punishment, power, might, sovereignty and transcendence.

One can’t be a “person of love” or a “person of acceptance” if they believe in the Bible. The Bible does not allow people to “accept” everyone as they are. So, why do people like the Pope even try to?

Why doesn’t the Pope either say “Being gay is evil, and practicing one’s homosexuality lands him/her straight into the bowels of hell,” OR say, “The Bible is not a book of acceptance and love, so I am not going to follow such ancient nonsense.”

If the Pope wants to be loving and accepting and “progressive,” then he needs to take off his silly Papal regalia, leave the Church, and say “I love human beings, no matter who they are.”


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